Net Love Chapter Info

Looking to join as a new Net Love Chapter and would like to know what is the overall process?

Here is a summary of how Net Love Chapters operate and the information you’ll need to provide to apply.

The way it works

1. After reviewing your application, Net Love will enroll your Net Love chapter in a Sponsorship at Recycleballs.

2. Under the Sponsorship, Recycleballs will provide your Net Love chapter with unlimited boxes for a specified duration (one month, 3 months, 6 months, or annually): 

     a. Each shipment of boxes comprises a set of 10 boxes. 

     b. Each individual box holds 200 used tennis balls.  

     c. Once a box is filled, simply drop it off at UPS (either at a UPS store or UPS drop off facility).  

     d. When you return 6 or more boxes, Recycleballs will send another set of 10 boxes to you.

3. As a Net Love chapter, you agree to collect used tennis balls from public courts and/or tennis clubs.

    Tip: Tennis clubs are generally the largest source of used tennis balls.  

    NOTE: Public courts present a challenge because cardboard boxes don’t hold up well if exposed to rain. Therefore, we usually avoid leaving cardboard boxes outdoors exposed to the elements.  Instead, we use plastic bins with lids to collect balls at public courts.

Details to be provided with your application

Your chapter application should provide the following information.

Full Name:

Chapter Name: 

Chapter Address:  (where the boxes will be shipped to)



How many indoor courts (best estimate):

How many outdoor courts (best estimate):

Person who will Champion this: 

Time Period (Choose one):   1 month, 3 month, 6 month, annual

Once we receive the above info, we can proceed to the sponsorship, and you should be ready to go!

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Whether you’re a tennis coach, professional player, high school student, or simply a concerned citizen, everyone is welcome to join our team. Every individual matters, and change begins with the smallest steps!

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